Letter to the Editor

Farm-City Week

Monday, November 29, 2004

Dear Editor,

National Farm-City Week, the week leading up the Thanksgiving, celebrates the interdependence of farm and city people, and the need we have for each other.

Cities benefit from prosperous rural economy, but suffer when crop prices are low in farm country and drought continues year after year.

Farmers and ranchers need the city workers who process, package, market and distribute food and other products from agriculture, and cities benefit from the jobs that are created for urban families.

As someone involved in agriculture, I know that those of us who live and work in rural areas can do a better job of communicating with urban Nebraskans.

We need to help our fellow citizens understand what we do in crop and livestock production, our commitment to conservation and the care we take to protect the natural environment, and the financial and regulatory environment in which we operate.

Our city friends can support us by using ethanol and soydiesel, renewable fuels made from our Nebraska crops.

They can show support for our livestock industry, recognizing that it is the biggest part of Nebraska's No. 1 industry and the economic engine that drives our state. As consumers, they can give preference to Nebraska-produced-and-processed products.

And, they can seek us out when confronted with claims that disparage agriculture and farmers and ranchers.

As Nebraskans, we all share a love of our state. Working together, urban and rural people can create Nebraska's best future.


Dan Ladenburger,

Hitchcock County

Farm Bureau

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