Tradition doesn't graduate

Friday, November 12, 2004

Saturday night at Weiland Field, a standing ovation is needed. In as resounding a way as possible, McCook High School fans need to show their appreciation to the senior members of the Bison football team.

Just think what these 22 young men have accomplished. Starting in their sophomore year and continuing through their junior and senior seasons, the members of the MHS Class of 2005 have been part of the longest winning streak in the history of the Class B football playoffs. During that span of time -- stretching back to the start of the 2002 season -- the Bison have won 37 consecutive games, captured two Class B championships and put themselves in position to win a third title with victories on the next two Saturday nights.

Starting in scout team roles in their sophomore year, the three-year team members have grown in weight, height, strength and playing time as they have progressed through the years.

"Tradition doesn't graduate," Bison Head Coach Jeff Gross says, and this year's seniors are proof of that. Not only have they played an increasing role in McCook's gridiron success, but they have also set an example for underclassmen to follow in the years to come.

Many high school teams are lucky to have 10 to 15 seniors stick it out until their final game. But 22? That's extraordinary.

Let's pay tribute, individually, to the 22 seniors. They are Zach Volquardsen ... Derek Ruppert ... Drew Wilson ... Rico Quezada ... Paul Kenny ... Brandon Park ... David McCorkle ... Levi Alegria ... Brian Winder ... Alex Beam ... Jared Muehlenkamp ... Mark Rogers ... Brad Ackerman ... Derek Sailors ... Tony Aguilar ...Ryan Saalfield ... Karl Shaddock ... Jeff Lyster ... Jayce Dueland ... Ted Chancellor... Dan Banda ... and Jeremy Young.

Our helmets are held high in honor of the 22 members of the Class of 2005 who have given so much to McCook Bison football. Stand tall. Stand proud. Your record is beyond compare.

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