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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dear Editor,

I have two reasons for writing this e-mail. First, I am writing in response to your article on or about Sept. 27, 'Kansas Man captures four Iraqi militants'.

We were all really pleased. Jason Smith is my grandson. It is a shame our home town paper couldn't have picked up on the story. But it is an honor to be mentioned in your paper. One of the main reasons is my Mother was born and raised in McCook, Lillian "Esther" Doyle.

As an adult she later moved with her father and mother to Minnesota where she married my father, Floyd Boldt.

They moved out West during World War II and she did not return to Nebraska until her latter years.

Her Father was Grover Doyle and Grandfather was William Doyle. William Doyle helped settle the McCook area and I am sure many of my mother's relatives still live around there.

Due to limited time, I have never been able to really look up all my relatives there. I am sure some would appreciate knowing that the Jason Smith they read about is a shirt-tail relation.

I realize you didn't know and you probably wrote the story because Jason's father lives in Bird City, Kan. I just thought you might like to know Jason's great grandmother was a McCook girl at one time.

My second reason for writing is that I would like the obituary on my great grandfather, William Doyle.

I believe there were two writeups on him. I am not even sure what year he died. My mother had lost tract of all family except brothers and sisters, none of whom lived in Nebraska. I would very much like to have some history to pass on to my grandchildren.

I would appreciate any information you can give me on how I can obtain these obituaries.

Thank You,

Karen (Boldt) Nichols

2340 Henton Road

Manhattan, KS 66502



EDITOR'S NOTE -- We have included the writer's contact information in case any of our readers can help.

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