Time to pay tribute

Thursday, November 4, 2004

While much of the news lately has been focused on the election, a number of other noteworthy announcements have been taking place on the local and area scene. Today, let's take a few moments to pay tribute to several of those accomplishments.

COLLEGE GROWS -- At a time when many Nebraska colleges are losing students, the McCook Community College campus is on the grow, with gains in credit hours, head counts and FTE's (full-time equivalent students) in the first semester of 2004. It's a positive trend which is a tribute to the work of many people on many levels. After the trying times McCook Community College has gone through, it is good to see a cooperative and innovative approach to building programs and enrollment. Good job, MCC! We salute you for your commitment to service and quality.

RETAIL AWARDS -- The Nebraska Retailers Federation couldn't have picked two finer gentlemen to honor than Cliff Lord of Indianola and J.T. Harris, Jr. of McCook and Lincoln. During their many years of serving retail customers, Cliff and J.T. became two of the best-known and best-liked men in this area.

Cliff, 82, spent his working life serving customers at Lord's Hardware and Furniture in Indianola, while J.T. devoted his working life to leadership roles at DeGroff's Department Store and the Lots to Love clothing group.

At their annual meeting, Nebraska Retailers honored Lord as the 2004 Retail Pioneer and Harris as the 2004 Master Merchant. The awards are richly deserved. Cliff and J.T. excel in extending courteous, quality service to their customers.

CHAMBER DIRECTOR -- The McCook roots go deep for the new executive director of the McCook Area Chamber of Commerce. Pam (Clapp) Harsh was born here and educated here, graduating from McCook High School in 1973 and McCook Community College in 1975. Since joining the Chamber as assistant director a year ago, Pam has demonstrated an ability to carry through on the many details necessary to plan and present community events.

Through the Chamber's efforts, the community is inspired to work together to help the town grow and prosper. Let's give Pam our full support as she embarks upon an important journey as the Chamber's executive director.

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