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Twisted facts

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dear Editor,

I can appreciate Mike Hendricks' column of 10-16 A.D. 2004 because it is an almost perfect example of the secular humanist attempt to twist and distort the facts.

1. To even suggest that John Kerry is qualified to be president of the United States is an insult to every American.

2. President Bush does not have an "agenda." Leftists have agendas.

3. Kerry is a war hero. For the Viet Cong. There is a memorial in Ho Chi Minh City, erected by the Communists, called the War Remnants Museum. In this museum are photos of John Kerry and Jane Fonda, which are part of an exhibit honoring heroes who had helped the Vietnamese Communists win the war against the United States.

Jane Fonda has publicly apologized for giving aid to the enemy; to my knowledge, John Kerry never has.

4. President Bush has signed Standard Form 180, which released all his military and medical records to the public. John Kerry has refused to execute Standard Form 180 for obvious reasons.

5. I would imagine that President Bush attends church services every week, or maybe even every day. Church services don't have to take place in a public building. Mike, your comments on the military and/or Christianity are areas in which you know little or nothing about.

6. Organized Christianity IS being persecuted, attacked, undermined and ridiculed by organized, professional God-haters, since the day Jesus was crucified.

Mike, you claim that President Bush "Preaches religion without practicing it."

There are, with one exception, no perfect Christians. The only perfect Christian is Jesus, and because of envy, He was crucified for it.

The perfect Christian life is impossible for us to live. If you want to read about the Perfect Christian, get reborn!

Jesus never turns anyone away.

7. The Supreme Court Justices have turned this Republic into a dictatorship. These unelected judges have been making laws instead of enforcing them. It's past time for them to retire.


George R. Anderson


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