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Monday, October 11, 2004

Dear Editor,

In reply to the letter by the incumbent for District Seven, University of Nebraska Board of Regents, I hope to make things more clear so everyone understands what his vote for the Recommendations for Human Stem Cell Research Report means.

Either the incumbent does not understand the issue or is being deliberately misleading but this recommendation report gives approval not only to adult stem cell research, it also gives approval to embryo destructive research not just existing cell lines.

Adult stem cell research is already curing illnesses while by most experts opinion's embryonic stem cell research is at least 10 years away from showing any results if ever. As of now, much of the embryo research is bogged down because of tumor growth in lab animals caused by embryo stem cell therapy. However, the more important issue is that no matter where the embryo cells came from, a human embryo had to be destroyed.

As far as Mr. Blank mentioning President Bush, the president did not get to vote on the University Bioethics Committee's recommendations; Mr. Blank did, and in doing so condoned the death of human embryos.

If you wish to look at the report by the University Bioethics Committee, go to, http://www.nebraska.edu/about/StemCellRecofNEBioethicsAdvComII.pdf

Pay particular attention to pages 13, 14 and 15. These pages recommend the use of embryos for destructive research left over from In-Vitro Fertilization.

In his letter, Mr. Blank mentioned his supporting searching for a cure for emphysema. Why not then quit supporting the wasteful use of grant and tax money on embryo destructive research that has nothing to show for itself and make sure the University directs its energies and our money toward ethical and already productive adult stem cell research only.

I have visited again with Dave Hergert, the incumbent's opponent, on these specific ethical issues and Mr. Hergert would not have voted for this Bioethics Committee recommendations report including approval of embryo destructive research. Mr. Hergert would approve a report that recommended ethical, already productive adult stem cell therapy only.

Remember in November the change needed for District Seven University of Nebraska Board of Regents to Dave Hergert.

Bill Sullivan


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