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Ribbon method

Friday, September 24, 2004

Dear Editor,

Much to my pleasure, we received a pair of magnetic ribbons from one of our kids and they did come up missing after only a week on or van.

So, we did receive another set. They are the ones that read "We Support Our Troops," obtained from the VFW here in Imperial, and I'm sure there are many more places to get them.

But, anyway, after talking to the VFW manager, I did discover they do come off in the car washes.

We did not even get a chance to wash our van before they disappeared, but, anyway, I received a new set and they can be marked by using an electric engraver on the painted side and not going through to the magnetic side.

We now have our two new ones marked, and hope they will stay around a lot longer.

We did have the red, white and blue, and the yellow ribbons, and they both are being proudly displayed on our van, and yes, veterans and troops, we are very proud of you and support you.

Thanks, Darlene, for the information and help.

Wayne and Sharon Raasch,


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