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Whole food, family

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regard to the Friday, Sept. 17, article titled: "Calorie Caution: Pediatrician warns of obesity in children."

I am pleased that Pediatrician Kathleen Farrell and Dietician Peg Brooks addressed the issue of childhood obesity with the McCook Public School Board.

I fully support their recommendation that only nutritious snack foods, milk, water and juices be offered in vending machines.

Dr. Farrell and Ms. Brooks also recommend families change their eating behaviors and have more healthy food options available to choose from so it's easier to eat healthy.

La Leche League International (breastfeeding support organization) has long advocated for the entire family to eat healthy foods. LLLI publishes a cookbook called Whole Foods for the Whole Family that includes tips and recipes for making your family's transition to eating whole foods (foods as close to their natural state as possible) and avoiding processed foods.

Making the transition isn't easy when tastes are accustomed to high fat, high sugar and highly processed food but the change is one worth making to health.

A strategy for new parents to reduce their child's risk of obesity is to make the commitment to breastfeed.

According to the Centers for Disease Control Web site, children who are ever breast-fed are 15-25 percent less likely to become overweight, and those who are breast-fed for 6 months or more are 20-40 percent less likely.

You can purchase a copy of Whole Foods for the Whole Family or obtain breastfeeding assistance by calling 345-8697.

Sally Myer

Mother of 3, RN

La Leche League Leader

LLL of McCook

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