Weiland Field in all its glory

Monday, September 20, 2004

Weiland Field reached the fullness of its glory Friday night during the McCook Bison's 2004 homecoming celebration.

Oh, what a night! Oh, what a sight!

With an outpouring of fans filling the grandstands on both sides of the field, the undefeated and top-ranked Bison continued their winning ways, rolling past a spirited, but overmatched team of Ogallala Indians.

Spectacular plays -- on both offense, defense and special teams -- gave the red-clad Bison fans plenty to cheer about.

But it was not just the football excellence that made this night special. It was the entire experience ... the cheerleaders' excitement, the band's halftime show, the fans' cheering support and the after-game homecoming coronation.

Providing the stage for this special night was the stadium itself ... Weiland Field, glowing colorfully under the lights on the night of homecoming pageantry.

How sweet it was, not only for the moment, but in memory as well.

How many games have we seen there? How many memories, being made by this year's special group of students, as well as all those who have gone before?

We remember Jeff Kinney, who went on from MHS to earn All-American status with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. We remember the McCook College Indians, who reached the highest ranks of junior college football before dropping the gridiron sport. But, most of all, we remember our children, our classmates and ourselves and the special evenings we enjoyed on this Field of Dreams ... and Memories.

Yes, we admit, ours is a sentimental attachment. In practical terms, it might be best to let the college use the field for expansion, enhancing the local economy through college expansion. But, hopefully, the college can find room to grow in other nearby spaces.

Because, bless our hearts, we want both. We want the college to grow ... but we don't want to give up a place which has become very special to us: Weiland Field.

How can you put a value on a wonderful September evening -- like last Friday -- when, for a few precious hours, all was right on the hometown stage. For adult fans, the price of the ticket was $4. But, in the words immortalized by Mastercard, the experience ... and the tradition it inspires ... is priceless.

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