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Wants recipes

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Dear Editor,

We live in Tualatin, Oregon ... a southern suburb of Portland which is near I-5 and I-205. We moved here from Lincoln. My mother grew up in the Ash Creek area and we still have relatives there, in McCook and Indianola.

We are originally from southwest Nebraska. I was born and raised south of Bartley and then our family moved to Cambridge. I am a bread baker and enjoyed "Judges pursue best bread" and only wish you would have published the recipes for these prize winning whole wheat breads. Could you either put the recipes on the web or send them to me. In this day and age when good breads are so expensive it would be good to have prize-winning recipes to make good bread. We especially like whole wheat breads so this created much interest for us. I hope the winners will let you send me the recipes for these prize-winning recipes. By the way ........ when I turn on the computer in the morning the first thing I look at is the McCook Gazette. My mother is 94 and lives with us and even though I subscribe to the McCook Gazette just for her, I still have to check the web to get a jump on McCook news. I'll be awaiting to get the prize-winning recipes for the breads.


DeLoris Summers

Tualatin, Ore.

Editors note: Unfortunately, recipes for the bread were not required for participation in the contest and therefore are unavailable at this time.

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