MCC continues to prove itself a great bargain

Monday, August 9, 2004

In this era of high-priced college studies, it's good to know that McCook Community College offers one of the best deals anywhere.

The prices are almost unheard of in today's world. Nebraska residents can take classes at MCC for $54 per credit hour, and it's only a little more -- $67.50 per credit hour -- for out-of-state residents. "Our out-of-state tuition rates are less than in-state tuition rates in Colorado," said Dr. Richard Tubbs, vice president of McCook Community College.

Not only is MCC one of the best buys in education, but the college programs in McCook offer other advantages as well.

"Classes are small, instructors give individual attention to students and we have strong transfer articulation agreements with all four-year colleges in the state," Dr. Tubbs said.

As a result of all this -- from the standpoint of both cost and quality -- outstanding educational opportunities await residents of this region. The fall schedule lists more than 300 class offerings for McCook alone, not counting the classes offered on line, at off campus sites and through the center for advanced studies.

And -- the good news is -- there's still time to register for classes. There are two more full weeks until classes begin on Aug. 23, and even after that the college will be accepting late registrants.

It's too early to predict what the fall term enrollment will be, but Dr. Tubbs said there are some positive indications. One good sign is that Ralph Brooks Residence Hall, with a capacity of 147, is already full and has several students on the waiting list.

Dr. Tubbs said one of the things he is proudest of is the quality of the faculty at MCC. "The instructors do an excellent job. This is shown by the fact that students who start at a community college do as well or better than students who attend four-year colleges from the start."

Class offerings at McCook Community College continue to grow. Digital Imaging is new to the list this fall, and a proposal will be presented soon to add a graphic design program, Dr. Tubbs said.

It's a good time to check out the college class offerings in McCook. At one of the most affordable tuition rates anywhere, you can expand your knowledge in a wide range of subjects right here at home.

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