Letter to the Editor

Of kids and dogs

Monday, July 26, 2004

Dear Editor,

Three small boys came up the the van/store. They were splattered with mud, head to toe. They proudly told of riding their bikes across the creek north of the college, not once but several times.

Then, they stopped here before going home. They asked me for some paper towels to clean up so their moms wouldn't find out. I gave them a roll, but said "there isn't enough paper in the world to clean you and your clothes off."

They went over and washed hands and faces. The rest of the body and clothes were left untouched. As they rode by one said, "Thanks; Mom will never know now!"

Not all stories are of kids. A good buyer told of his dog going into his shop here on the west side of McCook. As he followed the dog in, his dog yipped, and reaching over, he turned on the light. A rattler, lying near the door, had bitten his dog. He said, if not for the dog, he'd been bitten.

Bill Donze,


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