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Be more specific

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Dear Editor,

I read with interest your June 21 editorial about citizens getting up committees and such to help form what I'll call a "McCook Improvement League."

What I noticed, however, that I read of no concrete suggestions. What issues should these committees look at?

Should the organization be a private one, or should it be an arm of the city or county governments?

Do we need a new organization, or should we support the current actions of the Chamber of Commerce and other existing civic bodies?

It's one thing to say people need to work together to strengthen our town, but without a specific plan of action, or even concrete goals, it's just a lot of shouting and arm-waving.

I would be pleased and honored to work for our future with a McCook Improvement League, but we need a firm plan and clear thinking.

Anybody have any ideas?


Doug Stephens,


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