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Innovative art

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Dear Editor,

The McCook Art Guild wishes to commend Dr. Marchant, Mrs. Latta, Mr. Berry and others for finding innovative ways with grant monies, etc., to implement an art program for the elementary schools in the form of an after school art club.

Several of our members, as well as many parents, have been able to help in this after school program. The quality of instruction, enthusiasm of the students and response of the parents has been wonderful.

Our preference would naturally be regular art instruction during regular school ours, but with shrinking budgets, this has been the best solution under current circumstances.

The children who are taking part in these sessions will be able to use the problem-solving and creativity skills learned in these sessions for the rest of their lives. We are hopeful that all parents will encourage their children to participate in these after-school sessions.

Jan Blank,


McCook Art Guild

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