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NRD has nothing 'set'

Friday, April 16, 2004

Dear Editor,

Over the years the McCook Gazette has always done a superb job of covering the Middle Republican NRD's board meetings, printing our press releases, as well as following issues relating to the Republican River Compact Settlement. We certainly appreciate their leadership in getting the information out to the public.

Unfortunately a correction needs to be made concerning a story, "NRD sets levels, 10 percent cut" which ran in the April 15 edition of the Gazette. It was reported in the headline and the first paragraph that the District set its allocation levels for 2005. At this point nothing is "set".

At their April 13 meeting, the MRNRD Board of Directors only proposed a 16-inch allocation along with a 10 percent reduction in certified irrigated acres for 2005. This proposal will be forwarded to the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources for their consideration as was reported in the story. Once the two agencies come to an agreement on a proposal, whether it be this one or a revised proposal, public information meetings will be then held, rules and regulations revised, a public hearing scheduled, and only then will an official vote be taken to approve the revised rules and regulations to set an allocation. These revised rules will be part of a Joint Action Plan developed with the cooperation of DNR.

If DNR does not accept this proposal, Directors will then discuss making another proposal at the regular board meeting on May 11 in McCook.

As stated in the story the MRNRD will hold public information meetings hopefully in June or July. At these meetings District irrigators will have the opportunity to ask questions and voice their opinions. More specific information about this issue will be included in the District's spring newsletter in late May.

Daniel Smith,

General Manager

Middle Republican NRD


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