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Great production

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Dear Editor,

Last Friday evening, my husband, Dean, and I attended a performance of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the Fox Theater in McCook. We really didn't know what to expect as it seemed like a big project to put on in a smaller community. We recently moved to Danbury from the Anaheim, Calif., area and had gone to plays and musicals in the Los Angeles and other California theaters, where they spare no expense to put on lavish shows. We couldn't believe the production of "Dreamcoat" in McCook. Every little detail had been taken care of to make the whole production look very professional. I worked at Disneyland for 15 years in the costume department, and saw people come there from Las Vegas and New York City to oversee the making of the costumes and headpieces used in the parades, special events, etc. The costumes and headpieces made for "Dreamcoat" were just as good as the ones turned out at Disneyland!

The people involved in the making of these costumes are to be congratulated. I know personally how much time and labor goes into constructing such things! We also want to compliment the entire cast, crew, children's chorus and band for putting together such an enjoyable and entertaining production.

We're looking forward to the next production by the Southwest Nebraska Community Theatre.

It's really a great thing to have so much talent in a smaller community, and seeing the fantastic results of it all coming together!


Eleanor Skiles,


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