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Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Dear Editor,

Me and God get along just fine. I don't think you would call me a Christian, a Moslem, a Jew, or any other specific title.

I have been reading some of Mr. Anderson's words and word arrangements however, and have come to the following conclusion -- if I wanted to be religion-connected I'm sure I would not want to be a Christian as is Mr. G. R. Anderson.

He seems rabid, disoriented, disconnected, and in great disarray.

Logical, straight forward, germane, and coherent in terms of presenting reasonable and succinct statements he's not. Criminently, I've read better formulated letters from grade school children! 

Are these letter supposed to portray what a Christian is? Loving, forgiving, accepting of others, are highly touted attributes of Christians and Christianity, so where are those things in his letters?

Mr. Anderson's letter will drive more people away than convince them of the rightness of his ideas.

The McCook Gazette is doing yeomen's duty in having an open forum letter format. Many papers put a limit on how many letters from one person in a month are allowed. It might well be a good idea in this instance.

Writer Ray


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