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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Dear Editor,

After reading the opinion on BSE or Mad Cow Disease written by Mr. Cal Siegfried for the McCook Chamber of Commerce, I just had to respond. My issue is not against this opinion, but it is against not giving the rest of the story. After you, Mr. Editor, read these articles, I feel you will want to give the readers a chance to read them, too. As Mr. Siegfried said "you should never let facts get in the way of a good story." There is more to the story than just feeding of animal wastes.

Tankages and animal parts have been fed and eaten by humans and other animals for thousands of years. Why now are viruses moving to other species? Something has changed in the environment.

I watched Nebraska NTV last week on the story of a new virus crossing to humans from bats to pigs by the dropping of a fruit into a pen of pigs. Now don't you think that in the thousands of years before this a bat has not dropped a fruit to a pig? Why now? What's different now?

I saw your editorial about stories from computers on the Internet.

I just saw an article that the FDA has forbidden chicken waste, such as manure, to be put on animal feed now. Look at the connection between manganese and chickens. Maybe there is more to the story than meets the eye?

I am putting the ball in your hands, Mr. Editor. Do you think we should let the rest of the people read these articles? If nobody knows, the problem cannot be corrected.

Thank you for your time,

Kenneth D. Cole,


EDITOR'S NOTE -- The writer included information from BSE Mad Cow Disease forums at CureZone.com.

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