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Protect children

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Dear Editor,

I have been reading comments by a legislator and other writers about child abuse and neglect. A friend recently wrote about a law that Arizona has.

She said that in Arizona, parents who, in their own feeling, can't take any more stress, should be able, in any state, to bring and leave their children, abandon their children, in the local police station, fire station and other designated places where authorities will see to the safety of the kids, and if placing them in new families or new homes is part of the solution, great; it is certainly better than killing (or neglecting) them. This need and opportunity should be recognized nationwide.

She also said in an e-mail that they are not punished, but allowed to go their own way. In the meantime, their children will be safe.

I agree that every state should have such a law, and that it would also prevent neglect of those whose parents do not care if they (children) survive or not.

In Illinois, the woman who drowned her children with the help of her boyfriend is a very sad tale, but with a place to give up ones children for a safe life would be preferable to killing them, however it is done. The freedom she desired was not to be had, for she is in prison for first degree murder. Her boyfriend was also charged, according to the clipping received.

On adoptions (TV) a youth said that he cared for his younger brother because he couldn't wake his mother. When his brother fell, he was too heavy for him to lift, so he went outside and asked a police officer in the area to help him.

The children were removed and later, I think, adopted.

We need to find solutions for the problems of our most important product: babies and children.

E.J. Lee


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