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Has only one prayer

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Dear Editor,

If, As Mr. Anderson states, a half truth is a lie then his whole letter regarding evolution is a lie.

He promises, at the beginning to provide references for his facts but never does. I'd like to see the reference that affirms Hitler's belief in evolution.

Actually, in a 1922 speech he named himself a Christian. One must also wonder what other theories George would censor or prohibit in our schools: gravity, quantum physics -- what would be next for someone who denies the evidence of the ages as revealed in fossil discovery after discovery?

Lastly, I've never seen a strict gradualist evolutionist take up arms against a punctuated equilibrium evolutionist as I've seen protestant take up arms against Catholic, Muslim against Jew, even Christian against Jew or other Christian because God said to kill that infidel, whose beliefs are not precisely those of the believer.

As for listening to some religious organization on the subject of evolution, would Mr. Anderson take the word of an evolutionist on religion?

About the only prayer one will ever hear me utter is: Oh, Lord please save me from true believers.

Patrick Tolle,

via e-mail

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