Letter to the Editor

If not W, who?

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Dear Editor,

The Iraqis will soon be allowed to vote. Unless they aren't allowed to. If they don't, President Bush will be forced to give them the democracy and bomb the evil-doers still hiding in caves. Or, hiding where Saddam used to live. If they do vote, they better vote for the right party, or the wrong party will get in there and have another uncivilized society, where they bomb everything, just like President Bush I was in charge the first time. President Bush II attacked, invaded and occupied Iraq, which is now partly controlled by Iran, which is owned, in part by Saudi Arabia, which is where some of the terrorists live and they still don't have the democracy, either!

In the next U.S. election, re-elect George W. If he doesn't kill all the evil, wicked people dead, then who will?

Steve Stramel,


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