Letter to the Editor

Amigos de los Niņos

Monday, January 19, 2004

Dear Editor,

We thought our family and friends up north might be interested in knowing how some of us Winter Texans in the Rio Grande Valley spend our time during the holiday season. All is not golfing and loafing.

On Christmas Day for the past 13 years, Amigos de los Niņos de Mexico (Friends of the Children of Mexico) have hosted a party for needy children in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, and surrounding colonias. Amigos is a non-profit non-denominational organization comprised of 250-300 Winter Texans.

On Christmas Day 2003, between 2,700 and 3,000 children attend the party and were treated to food, toys, piņata games and a visit with Santa Claus. We believe, if not for the efforts of "Amigos," these unfortunate children would notice no difference on Christmas Day from any other day of the year.

We are pleased to be a part of this "Christmas magic" and are enclosing information about the 2003 party. You may also wish to see more about the Amigos de los Niņos by checking out the following Web sites -- www.AlettaPhoto.com and www.chop-progreso.com.

We don't know how this information might fit into the format of your paper, but sincerely hope that you will find room to publish my letter and any of the enclosed information.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Amigos you may contact me or one of the following officers or directors: Jim and Ann Winholtz, (956) 761-4257 (summer (270) 354-8420); Mike Zeller (956) 968-0247 (summer (956) 968-0247); Tom Benson (956) 447-8168 (summer (319) 882-3295); Gene Knecht (956) 763-5987).


Don and Suzie Burton

Palm Shadows Lot 74

200 N. Val Verde Rd.

Donna TX 78537

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