Letter to the Editor

Money for Mars?

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Dear Editor,

I see in the paper our state senator wants to double speeding fines. This to make us safer?

Well guys, not once in 30 years of driving has a speeder ever endangered my family on the road. They just fly by and go their merry way, unlike the real terrorists of Nebraska. Deer cause 5,000 car crashed a year in this state.

Going down to my gardens in the summer and gold panning near Max in the winter, almost every time I must dodge deer and risk losing control of my old rusty pickup.

I control speeders at the pool and school without fines. While giving a free snow kone, I ask the speeder to remember all the free candy when they were out of money and the years of keeping bullies from beating them up. I ask them for only one favor (Don't speed here.) I have never had to ask twice.

Now one answer: Mexico and 13 other nations have offered to take all our prisoners (state and federal) and keep them there for $3,000 a year instead of the $27,000 spent up here.

Balance the budget with enough left over to reopen every small school in Nebraska!

My last thought, How can Bush have a trillion dollars to go to Mars and yet we can't keep our small schools open?

Bill Donze


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