Letter to the Editor

Why 'Y' elevator

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Dear Editor,

I find it amusing that the headline story was about the installation of an elevator in a building that is generally a fitness-oriented establishment.

Personally if I had been the writer, the effort to keep my tongue out-of-cheek would have been impossible.

How many failed to see the ludicrousness of people taking an elevator to avoid the exertion of stairs, only to arrive in a location where they immediately climbed upon an instrument of torture with the name of "Stair Stepper?"

Monte Phillips

San Leon, TX

(Frontier County-born)

EDITOR'S NOTE -- Many of the people using the YMCA's new elevator are unable to climb stairs and want to take part in water therapy classes or other use of pool facilities downstairs, or watch youth sporting events. The elevator also improves security by allowing unmonitored lower-level back doors to stay locked on the outside, according to YMCA officials.

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