Letter to the Editor

Foot in mouth

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Dear Editor,

To say that Howard Dean has gotten the Democratic party off to a tragic start is moot. It depends on what one would call tragic. From now on, "Deanism" will be used to describe any candidate who puts his foot in his mouth in the magnitude that Howard did. Howard did not do his homework.

Here are my humble suggestions for Mr. Dean, or anyone else attempting to gain the Christian vote and avoid embarassment at the same time. You can call it a homework assignment.

1. Before getting into a philosophical discussion of the Holy Bible, read it at least twice ... and (this is a freebie) note that "Testament" means "Promise."

2. Believe John 3:3, and go witness to everyone in the Democratic party for the next four years, especially Ted Kennedy and all the Supreme Court Justices.

3. If any of your friends suggest that "you are right and the Holy Bible is wrong," just open up the Holy Bible and read the truth for your own self.

4. Woe to those who say good is bad and bad is good.


George R. Anderson


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