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ACLU flunks

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to Tim Butz, the executive director of the ACLU Nebraska: I read an article in the McCook Gazette on 12-19 A.D. 2003 concerning your blasting of prison health care in Nebraska.

Please don't be too proud to take some advice from a Christian layman. You all need to address the root of the problem instead.

If I have a nail in a tire on my car and just add air, without removing the nail and patching the hole, the tire will continue to go flat.

That is just common sense. The root of all the problems in all the prisons is a general disrespect for authority.

Murder (abortion) is supposedly legal in the U.S. When the people in authority say that murder is acceptable, the legal system becomes a travesty.

All this disrespect for authority causes the prisons to become overcrowded, and simple issues like healthcare become secondary. If this continues on unchecked, all the taxpayers are going to be in prison.

The ACLU should be blasting the folks who promote abortion, or there will continue to be litigation and the need for more prisons to be built. Abortionists are mass murderers who are allowed to freely roam the streets.

Columbine is another example. Children killing children. The Holy Bible was removed from the public schools, along with prayer, so as not to offend. There supposedly were a few children offended by the Holy Bible, but for the most part, children were learning to read write and balance their checkbooks. The ultimate offense is to be murdered.

The ACLU should be blasting the folks who want to keep the Bible and prayer out of the public schools. If I were a teacher assigned to grade the ACLU concerning your efforts to "reform" this great country, I would be compelled to give you all an F+ or a double zero.


George R. Anderson


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