Letter to the Editor

Let's work together

Friday, November 21, 2003

Dear Editor,

I have been to "county fairs, goat ropin's and a seminar or two," with almost every other citizen of Red Willow County and I certainly do not consider them as second class citizens.

It seems to me, Mr. Councilman, that we as elected officials, should be working towards a goal of saving the tax payer's money. That was my purpose in approaching the council on the issues of snow removal, dispatching, and ambulance service costs.

I came to the council with these issues of cooperation that we could discuss along with any other ideas. The information I received was, the city is not charging enough for these services and next year they will be reviewed and revised. This is what the commissioners are talking about, taking out of one pocket and putting in another.

Yes Mr. Councilman, the last time I looked, McCook is part of Red Willow County as you stated. Good eye councilman, too bad your common sense does not extend past geography class so we could set down as ADULTS and discuss any and all options to save money. It does no good for staff to discuss the options. They should be included but the ultimate decision is made by us, the elected officials.

Come on councilman, quit tooting your own horn long enough to listen to what the citizens of McCook and Red Willow County are trying to tell you.

Let's cooperate and work together, start combining our efforts to make OUR city and county a place everyone will want to live and raise their family.

Leigh Hoyt

Red Willow County

3rd District


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