Letter to the Editor

Picture apology

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

I accept full responsibility as the human behind the camera who deleted the pictures of the cat in the Pets of The Week column and substituted, what I thought was an amusing, picture in its place. I apologize for offending the reader who took it seriously.

The main object of the Pet of the Week, which is so graciously inserted each week in the Gazette and The Big Nickel, is to draw attention to some of the nice animals that are needing homes at the McCook Humane Society.

This way of reaching the public has been the best adoption source for the shelter for a number of years.

We continually thank the Gazette for their assistance in this.

Dealing with the animals that are surrendered is sometimes a very distressing day to day ordeal.

Perhaps that is why I try to lend a little humor in the pictures and descriptions. Again, I apologize for letting my "Off the Wall" sense of humor distress some of the readers.


Marilyn Cuellar

McCook Humane Society


EDITOR'S NOTE -- Despite Cuellar's apology and acceptance of responsibility, the final decision on publication rests with the Gazette's editor. Our apologies to those who didn't see the humor in a photo obviously intended as a joke.

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