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Card from Kuwait

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Dear Editor,

This is a card from a soldier serving in Kuwait. The front of the card is an eagle with an American Flag in the background. The words say: "PROUDLY SERVING" "Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003"

Oct. 7, 2003

Dear Mrs. Budke,

First and foremost I would like to say Thank You very much for the wonderful "GIFTS" that you nice people are sending to us.

They truly are gifts to us as they lighten our spirits, morale and truly let me know personally, that I am not over here and away from my wife and kids, just because my government wants me here. There are a lot of people back home who just don't realize the sacrifices we make so that they can live their lives the way they want to. You fine people obviously do!!

Thank YOU!

My name is SSG Robin C Titus. I am from Clinton Mont., just east of Missoula.

I am the only person from Clinton to be deployed over here, and 1 of a few from the Missoula area. My wife and boys have written and sent packages.

However, not all of the letters and a few packages, have ever made it over here. The army postal system does have some problems. So I do hope this card gets to you.

It would be a shame to think that since you nice people are thinking of us, that you did not know, that us soldiers are also truly thinking of you too!

So it seemed appropriate to send this card!

MANY, MANY THANKS!! For your support. Because we soldiers are also thinking of you!

SSG RC Titus

Salt Lake City, Utah

PS SSG Epp is in my platoon, we get along great. We live in the same tent.

It is great knowing there are more people who care about other people, just like SSG Epp cares about the soldiers in this platoon. We are all doing well!!

The soldiers in the reserve are getting notice that they are to stay on another six months just like the full time soldiers. They need us more now then ever with the Holidays coming.

Packages are still being sent several times a week, to soldiers that are not receiving mail or packages. The soldiers really appreciate what little they receive, it gives them a touch of home (USA). Over 1,000 pounds have been mailed since the Military Shower and Adopt a Soldier program started.

Please take the time to write a few words to a soldier. Leave your letter at Budke Motors in McCook, and we will furnish the first box of goodies! Or contact me and you can send you own box.

The news does not keep us here at home up on the daily lives of our men and women sacrificing their lives every minute over seas. Please keep them in your prayers!

How about your church group, youth or adults Adopting a Soldier? Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H Clubs, School classes organizations, a family or a group of friends? You can send one time or many times.

Let us here in Southwest Nebraska show the soldiers that we do care that they are away from home sacrificing daily for us to be free to live in the USA!

For more information contact

Char Hamilton

HC 62 Box 39

Hayes Center, NE 69032

(308) 286-3388

hamilton@gpcom.net E-mail, use "Soldier" in the subject line

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