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Monday, October 27, 2003

Epicurean swine

Dear Editor,

My fellow Americans:

There can be no price put on freedom. That is why it costs so much money. Many billions of dollars and thousands of lives have been lost in Iraq.

Why? Democracy.

They will be allowed to vote. But not too soon. Because the bad guys might still be alive, hiding somewhere.

They would have germs in cans and 'nuklur' bomb parts buried in the sand.

Saddam and his sons and followers -- the coarse donkeys, cursed sows, bellowers of blasphemy, epicurean swine, heretics, putrid puddles of vomit -- have all been taught a lesson:

Think twice before doing evil or President Bush will bring you to justice.

President Bush should not, and cannot be impeached.

He has a job to finish: destroy the wicked before they bomb us.

Steve Stramel,


God and the Gargoyle

Dear Editor,

Please, please return our lighted "Mr. Gargoyle" to our halloween display. It was a special gift to my husband, Art, when he had open heart surgery (during Halloween season 2000). He was very hurt when he came up missing.

We put a lot of time, work and money into our seasonal displays, and it not only hurts us when things come up missing, but it hurts the people who stop to see our displays.

Please, please return him! No questions asked.

P.S. We may not know who you are -- but remember, God knows.


Caroly J. Lashley


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