Everyday Heroes are there when we need them

Thursday, October 16, 2003

They are there at the worst moments in our lives. They are there trying to keep our house and our memories safe from a blazing fire that is threatening everything we hold dear.

They are there to help our loved ones escape from a crushed vehicle that lays like scrap metal in the middle of a lonely country road.

They are there to ensure that the streets and the highways are safe from reckless drivers who might take the life of someone we love.

They are there to keep the drugs away from our children.

They are there to carry the sick and the injured away to a safe place.

They are the ones who put their lives on the line every time the town siren sounds or the pager is activated or the dispatcher's voice comes across the radio.

Today's Gazette includes a special edition titled "Everyday Heroes," that introduces the area to the people who serve their communities.

Twenty-eight emergency response departments responded when the Gazette began planning this special edition. Photos of fire departments, emergency medical responders and law enforcement agencies from across Southwest Nebraska are included.

The Gazette began sending out letters to area departments and asking for participants in late August. The calls began coming immediately and the response was overwhelming.

"The project took on a life of its own," said City Editor Gloria Masoner, who headed the endeavor. "The enthusiasm of the departments was moving. Everyone was so excited to finally be recognized for the service some of their people have been performing for decades."

Perhaps this will be the beginning in remembering these "Everyday Heroes" who have dedicated their lives to keeping our communities safe.

Take time to study this special edition and get to know Southwest Nebraska's Everyday Heroes so you can thank them for everything they've done. After all it's the least we can do in exchange for everything they've done for us.

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