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Thursday, October 2, 2003

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Dear Editor,

In response to last night's editorial, Greg Wolford is in his fourth year as the governor's appointment as our state highway commissioner for district 7. (He served as the chairman of the board for 2002). In July 2004, McCook will be hosting the out-state highway commission meeting. We'll need to put our best foot forward!


Pam Wolford


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Dear Editor,

I would like to reply to a letter by Todd McCarty of 9-29 A.D 2003.

The Bible says it better than I can, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." This country was built upon the Christian faith, like it or not. If you, Mr. McCarty, are basing your beliefs on what the history books say, I'd like to caution you that the history books have been rewritten and God has been erased. Here's another quote from the Bible, "Woe to those who say bad is good, and good is bad."

If you want to read a Book that is 100 percent accurate and truth, read the Bible. The Bible also contains numerous prophecies that are 100 percent accurate, and also some future prophecy that may be of interest to you and your family.

You can't depend on just any newspaper anymore either. The New York times for instance. I haven't read the New York Times lately, but if today's edition has the correct date, that would surprise me.

If you would like to read an interesting book that is based on the charters of the original colonies, the original compacts (like the famous Mayflower Compact), covenants and constitutions, read "One Nation Under God" by Dr. David C. Gibbs Jr., President of the Christian Law Association.

If you are unable to obtain it at the library, you can find one at the Christian bookstore, or it can be ordered from Coral Ridge Ministries. The truth shall make you free.

Also, there are videos available that show the actual remains (photos) of Noah's' Ark on Mt. Ararat, in Iraq, (Genesis 8:4).

The aerial photos were studied and it was determined that the remains are the actual dimensions stated in Genesis 6:15. What is a boat doing on top of a mountain? Answer: God did it! Fish fossils have also been found on tops of mountains. Job 19:20 states "...the skin of my teeth." In the last few years, science has determined that there is actually a thin layer of skin on our teeth. You can't argue with the truth!

Also, on another subject, there was an article in the Sept. 25 edition of the Gazette concerning a 15 year old boy in Cold Spring Minnesota that shot and killed a classmate and critically wounded another.

He was no doubt taught the fable of evolution in this public school. If you teach a child that he is an animal, he will eventually begin to act like one to one extreme or another.

The sixth commandment states "Thou shalt not kill (murder)."

Perhaps someday soon the Ten Commandments will be back on all public classroom walls, and Bibles will be available in the libraries of the public schools. David and Goliath is an interesting story in the Bible.


George R. Anderson


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