Speak Out

Friday, September 5, 2003

California primer

There are three classes of folks in California: The very rich, the poor and the very poor.

The poor are paying all the taxes, but they don't make that much money. The very poor are mostly undocumented aliens who are being paid under the table by the very rich.

The rest of the very poor are collecting unemployment courtesy of the poor. Most of the very poor spend their money on drugs and lottery tickets. Consequently, California is bankrupt. California is an example of socialism. The solution? One Nation Under God.

Scratch my back

I read with interest your article about the new responsibility of the County Commissioners to determine farm disaster. People ... being people ... you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours ... is just common thinking ... in government, in neighbors, in business. I have favorites, and unfavorites, we all do, and when money is involved it's even more volatile. -- out-of-state land owner

EDITOR'S NOTE -- The editorial referred to the Farm Services Agency's County Committee, not the County Commissioners.