Monday, September 15, 2003

How many virgins? Bwana, the natives are restless! But, in a most satisfying manner, the case for putting all fundamentalists in one leaky boat has been made by the ludicrous and pathetic comments to the initial letter recommending deportation. One made a feeble attempt to rewrite history by claiming the "founding fathers" were Christian fundies. As any child knows, the "founding fathers" were mostly deists with a few agnostics thrown in (otherwise, we'd all be answering the 4 a.m. call to prayer.) One made the preposterous suggestion that destruction of the Twin Towers was not a result of superstition; the implication being none of those naughty Moslems got their 72 virgins. Yes indeed, given full head, a towel to cover it and AK47s, our local fundies would be whooping up a dozen versions of Allah and shooting infidels, if not each other. Hmmm, maybe it's 74, er, 76 virgins? I leave it to the experts.

How do you know? I'd like to quote Dr. D. James Kennedy: "For an atheist to prove that God does not exist, he or she would have to explore every corner of the universe. You cannot know for sure that no little green men inhabit the universe, because you cannot visit every planet and every star. In the same way, you cannot prove that God doesn't exist. Atheism is foolishly destructive. The 20th century atheistic philosophy of nazism and communism have butchered some 170 million people."

Trying to destroy us When I see or hear something on television that I feel is inappropriate, some folks suggest I should merely turn it off. If I see a magazine in a rack that seems inappropriate, I should just turn my back. If one of these same folks sees a monument of the Ten Commandments, they want it removed. They want all references to Jesus Christ removed. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. They are trying to destroy us with words. Our defense is the Word of God.

Was Abe wrong? Bush wants us taxpayers to give him $87 billion more to manage the mess in Afghanistan and Iraq. If he wouldn't have been in such a rush to invade Iraq in the first place, he wouldn't be in this mess. If the American people go along with this, it will prove Abe Lincoln wrong. You can't fool all the people all the all the time, but Bush can fool most of the people all the time.