Bartley well cost

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Dear Editor,

I have read your editorial in your May 22 paper about the high costs to put a new water field in for the village of Bartley.

I totally disagree with Mr. Marv Colson. He is totally wrong. From the meetings that I have attended, it is true that the well field will cost $2.6 million, but according to Miller & Associates, this will be a cost of 25 percent us and 75 percent grant money.

Therefore, if you take the 25 percent that we have to come up with, this figure would be $650,000 and you divide this per meter, the cost would be $3,421.06. Next, you have to take this figure and divide it by the 20-year life which would be $171.06 per year, and going farther, dividing this per month for a period of 12 months, the cost would be $14.26 per month, a far cry from the $13,684 predicted by the figures of Mr. Colson.

I am sure by using meters that we will save more money than the cost of the additional $14.26 per month, because people right now, without meters, have no idea what they use.

This will curb usage, and if they use the extra, they will be charged the difference.

Dean Sladek,


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