Soldier send greetings to '03 grads

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Dear Editor,

My name is PFC Brandon L. Leak. As of right now, I am stationed somewhere near Mosul, Iraq.

I wanted to come back to attend a couple of local graduations.

I would like to express the regret I feel, because I am unable to come to my sister's, Jessica Leak, and my cousin, Katie Guthrie's graduations. This makes two years in a row the Army has kept me from attending loved ones' graduations.

I am not, however, sorry.

Life has unique ways to reveal the ones who will always be loved. I have learned that no matter what happens, your friends will understand and still love you for your choices. Where God has led me, Iraq, I have seen how lucky we, as Americans, are. Begging for food or water as a truck drives by, thanking a soldier so much that he or she feels guilty by not being able to give more.

The children trying to get more to feed their families, chase after my truck. I can't, by orders, give food out, but I still throw out what I can. My truck commander, Corp. Jonathan Bradzowski and I try to eat just the main part of our MRE so we can give out the rest.

I have a new respect for everything that I only took for granted.

Back to the reason for my letter, I wish I could be there for you, but the world needs me elsewhere on your graduation day. My thoughts and prayers are with you, while my time and body are here. Know I love you guys, and we'll have time to celebrate when I return.

To the entire class of 2003, godspeed, and teach the future generations the meaning of peace, love and above all, faith.


PFC Brandon L. Leak

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