'PREVIEW' makes debut

Thursday, June 12, 2003

As a newspaper, we faced a tough choice concerning the TV Week publication.

Because of an explosion in listings -- due to the growing number of cable and satellite providers in the area -- and the increasing costs for prime time television grids, it became questionable whether the Gazette could justify the production of the TV section each week.

One of two things had to happen. Either we had to drop TV Week, or we had to change the publication so it was both affordable for us and beneficial to readers.

Fortunately, we have been able to keep the publication alive in a new format.

Now called "PREVIEW," the weekly section makes its debut as an insert in today's edition of the McCook Daily Gazette.

As you will readily see, a number of changes have been made. First and foremost, the publication has been expanded to include local arts and entertainment news as well as television listings. Each week, PREVIEW will feature a full color photo on the cover, with two pages of local and regional arts and entertainment news on pages two and three.

The Gazette is fortunate to have a talented young lady in charge of the arts and entertainment beat. She is Michelle Walkenshaw-Herrera, a 1999 graduate of Trenton High School who is a talented performer in her own right. Michelle joined the newspaper staff Sept. 17, 2001, and the first of the following year was given responsibility for covering arts and entertainment.

"I'm looking forward to being a part of PREVIEW," she said. "It can become a one-stop shop for arts and entertainment news from this area," she said. Michelle invites readers from throughout the region to contact her about upcoming arts and entertainment events. She may be reached by telephone at (308) 345-4500, extension 117.

Special thanks also are due to Shary Skiles, the Gazette's business manager; Steve Walker, the newspaper's creative guru; and Donna Sailors, the design supervisor, for their efforts in planning, designing and implementing the PREVIEW publication. They took the PREVIEW idea, first proposed by Don Harpst, from a dream to reality.

Appreciation is also extended to "American Profile," which made continuation of television listings possible by providing prime time listings to the Gazette free of charge. "That change alone saved us several thousand dollars," Publisher Gene O. Morris said.

And -- of crucial importance -- Morris thanked the anchor advertiser, Linda Taylor of Video Kingdom, for her support of the project. "The PREVIEW publication would not have happened without Linda's encouragement," the publisher said. Joining Video Kingdom in the debut issue of the weekly entertainment section are five other businesses: A & B Motors of Stratton and Carpet King, Cinema 3, Creative Lines and Runza of McCook. More business sponsors will come aboard as advertisers in the weeks ahead.

"PREVIEW" has arrived! It's a work in progress, so you can expect more changes in the weeks to come. But, for now, we're happy to be at this point, and pleased to announce that a weekly arts, entertainment and TV guide will continue to be a part of the Gazette.

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