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Friday, July 25, 2003

Dear Editor,

The editorial tribute to the patrons of the Heritage Senior Center was well deserved. A great many of these senior people contributed generously of their time, talents and finances to bring about the expansion of the Senior Center. It is a great example of the influence that a group of dedicated volunteers can wield.

Very little has been said, however, about three remarkable ladies who were most influential and responsible for the successful completion of the fund raising effort for this project. They are Gerri Carper, Anna Egle and Sue Chipman.

It was Gerri Carper who developed the fledgling Senior Center into a strong and very important entity. Her foresight and dedicated spirit brought about the growth and established a foundation resulting in the strong institution that we know today. It is sad that she is no longer with us to share our appreciation for her efforts.

Anna Egle stepped in just as the hopes and plans for expansion were being formulated. She did not waiver. Through faith and determination, she laid out a plan to make the project possible and proceed to initiate this plan. Just as the plan had been developed, her husband found employment in Arkansas, so she and her family joined him there.

Anna continues to follow the fortunes of our senior center very closely, showing us that her interest in our progress is much more than participation in a job to do -- hers was a heartfelt goal to enhance the lives of her friends and neighbors.

When Anna left McCook, she passed the project to the very capable hands of Sue Chipman. Sue was able to work with the program as it was planned, and with very few changes, brought the fund raising efforts to fruition. She continues to offer her considerable talents and ability to the day-to-day operation of the Senior Center. This is no small task. To continue operation of the Senior Center, meals are being served in the annex of the Assembly of God church while the new facility is being built. This, of course, requires an entirely new plan for the day-to-day operation of the facility.

And, she should not forget the sacrifices and extra work that face the cooks and other employees. They approach each day with the attitude that the job is here to do -- let's just do it! It is obvious that a move of this kind would bring about many frustrations. Everyone involved is cheerfully facing the problems that arise and working their way through them. And finally, we must acknowledge the generosity of the Assembly of God Church. Even though the hall is somewhat smaller than we have been accustomed to, it is probably the best alternate facility available in the McCook area. The generous offer is sincerely appreciated.

It is remarkable that we should find three such talented and capable ladies as Gerri, Anny and Sue to serve in succession during this time of progress. This project will be completed on time and within budget, thanks to the work and foresight of these great ladies. We are proud of them and we are proud of the staff working in the senior center.

Ken Martin,


Heritage Senior Center Advisory Board,


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