Speak Out

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Annexation due

I believe that the proposed annexation is long overdue. If the city has been providing services to these proposed annexation areas, it is time for them to become part of those who pay for the services. Something strange

A month or so ago, Bush asked for and signed a bill to up our debt limit another trillion dollars. This was done very hush-hush with no fanfare. Several days later, he signed a bill to give a huge tax break, to those who need it least; Cheney gets a hundred thousand dollars. All this done to high-fives all around and fanfare on all the news channels. Is there something strange here, or what? Same shaft later?

Not too long ago, Bush signed a bill to eliminate overtime payment to some 8 million salaried workers. How long until we all get that same shaft? I'm mystified, too

I'm mystified that we have people such as yourself that do not think we need to support our troops and president in times of conflict. Apparently you have no respect for our country or our men and women in harm's way.

I know it's hard to place your political blindness aside and see that we are on the right path to peace in the Middle East, but that may be beyond your liberal left-wing mind to comprehend.

I don't think anyone asked you to blindly follow the president, but if you don't have anything intelligent to say why to you keep saying it?