Wednesday, August 6, 2003

How do you like to deal with the heat?

According the the Gazette's online poll at mccookgazette.com, "Stay home in air conditioning" was the most popular choice, selected by 54 people or 62 percent of those taking the poll. Twenty-eight people, or 24 percent, chose "Go swimming," 18 people or 16 percent picked "Go to the mountains" and seven people or 6 percent chose "Eat or drink something cold."

Now for the new question:

What is your opinion of the McCook's annexation plans?

Strongly favor.

Somewhat favor. Somewhat oppose.

Strongly oppose.

Or do you have another opinion?

Call in:

to the Gazette's Speak Out line, (308) 345-7874. Log on:

http://mccookgazette.com and complete the online poll. Write in:

Open Forum, c/o McCook Gazette P.O. Box 1268 McCook NE 69001

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