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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Social group?

Dear Editor,

I was disturbed (Tuesday) morning to hear Councilman Dick Trail, while speaking on the Council Closeups on a local radio station, referring to the McCook Humane Society as a "social organization."

I remember a number of years ago when the late Jack Hawkins was equally upset due to a report of the recent meeting of the board of directors of MHS which was included with the extension clubs and other clubs in the Gazette.

As the MHS enters it's 20th year of serving the community by taking in and caring for the unwanted and neglected animals, many inroads have taken place with the education and awareness of the people in the importance of caring for their animals and pets.

The number of unwanted litters of puppies that are surrendered to the shelter have markedly decreased. Hopefully this is partially due to the spay/neuter program that is offered both by the area veterinarians and the Humane Society.

Before the MHS was organized the stray dogs of McCook were housed in a deplorable quonset hut that was located behind the police station. If they were not claimed by the owners they were disposed of. That is one of the reasons that the local MHS was begun.

The percentage of animals that are saved has increased over the years due to the diligent work by the handful of volunteers and shelter employees.

We have been saving many dogs and puppies in the last two years with the help of the Dumb Friends League, the huge Humane Society in Denver, and other dog rescues that are located around the country.

These organizations find homes for scores of unwanted pets. When the shelter is visited by people from other Humane Societies and communities they comment on how lucky McCook is to have such a nice facility. If you haven't visited the shelter, I encourage you to take a few minutes to do so.

It is not an unpleasant place and please don't tell me that "you would like to help but you would want to take them all home with you" as we all know that is impossible but your interest and aid is continually needed.


Marilyn Cuellar


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