Should Columbus Day be abolished and replaced with Indigenous Peoples Day?

Should Nebraska's motorcycle helmet bill be repealed?

Should concealed-carry guns be allowed on college campuses?

Should a liquor license owner be prosecuted for warning others of a sting?

What would you favor in regard to marijuana?

What should happen to State Sen. Bill Kintner?

Should the U.S. abandon the Electoral College?

Should drug felons be denied food stamps?

Who do you favor for president?

Should U.S. mints stop producing pennies?

Gazette staff showed up for work today all decked out for Halloween. So we're having a little contest to pick your favorite Halloween costume. The staffer with the most likes will get a $50 Walmart gift card. So vote for your favorite and help us choose a winner.

Should the Heritage Days name be changed back to German Heritage Days?

Fox News hosted the first GOP debate on Thursday, Aug. 6 with the top 10 candidates in polling given the opportunity to participate. Based on the debate, who do you feel came out on top of the field?

Should McCook's high school graduation ceremony be on Saturday instead of Sunday?

A federal judge ruled that Nebraska must recognize same-sex marriages. Do you support this decision?

Should school buses have seat belts?

Should all cell phone use be banned while driving?

Should all law enforcement officers be required to wear body cameras?

How much do you plan to spend online for Christmas?

At what age should drinking alcohol be legal?