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Replacing the Wheels

Posted Sunday, June 10, 2012, at 7:04 PM

Not much going on at homestead lately, except that Hubby surgery last week. Oh, nothing, major except he had both his knees replaced.

If you are thinking 'ouch', that is probably an understatement. Here is the deal. We have known for the since his last knee scope a few years back that he would eventually have to have his knees replaced. He had series of shots and he would not get any relief. He even tried the fancy dance shots that were supposed to give him six months of relief. It was more like six days, if that. He was 'bone-on-bone' and there wasn't a step he took that didn't hurt.

He had to start walking with the help of walking sticks --the kind you use for hiking. These helped get him to school each day. He said they actually helped but they were only an aide to get him to the surgery. He kept walking to and from school because he needed to keep active. Stairs and slopes were the worst for him. He had to walk backwards downstairs. Even car rides weren't comfortable as the knees would shift when we would drive over bumpy streets.

Surgery itself took four and one-half hours. I know that because I received regular reports from the operating room. He went to his room on the floor at 4 p.m. or so. They had him standing by 10:30 p.m. and he was up walking by 7 a.m. the next morning. He walked 80 steps that morning and over the last week, he has walked further and further. He isn't making any speed records but I am just amazed at the progress.

He has to wear the fashionable "Ted" hose for the next month. He has pads over the incisions under the stockings. He has 23 staples in each incision and those will be removed in a week or so. He will go to physical therapy for the next month or so as well. When his incisions heal, he will go to the Aquatic Center to swim. That will aid in his recovery.

While the recovery phase will be a challenge, he is already feeling better when he is walking. No, not pain free, but he will eventually get there.

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