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Jean Shopping

Posted Friday, November 4, 2011, at 6:04 PM

We were shopping at the Maurice's store in Kearney last weekend. Have to report I was amazed at the customer service. I don't know if the worker bees get paid on commission or get sales bonuses . However, the service was awesome.

For those who know me, they know that I was not shopping for myself but was in the company of my younger daughter, her boyfriend's mom and sister. K-kid was shopping for the perfect pair of jeans.

She had grabbed a couple of pairs from the sales rack and went to the dressing room. The gal who was in charge of the dressing room area was wrangling a bunch of customers. She had her co-workers flying through the store as fast as they could getting additional items for the shoppers to try on.

I was out on the sales floor watching how this played out. They had the head sets on and the gal in the dressing room was talking into her headset, effectively giving them suggestions as to what to pick up and bring back.

They were speedy quick so the shoppers weren't having to get re-dressed and look at other items. They were able to concentrate on the trying on the items.

Everyone of the folks in the half an hour we were there, walked out of the dressing room with at least one - if not multiple items - to purchase.

Now, the crazy part is those girls were selling merchandise as they were just scurrying throughout the store. They were making positive comments at whatever the customers were looking at.

Undoubtedly, their end game is to get those sales rung up but I have to admit it was pretty impressive watching them provide the customer service efficiently and without complaining.

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Isn't it awesome, when we see people actually trying to take care of a customer, and in so doing, make their Boss a profit?? Yeee-Haaa!!! Them days aren't completely gone.... maybe they are on a rebound, and coming back.. Oh, Lord be praised.

Good read, Betsy

-- Posted by Navyblue on Sat, Nov 5, 2011, at 10:56 PM

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