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New Fangled Pop Dispenser

Posted Monday, October 17, 2011, at 4:27 PM

Have you seen these new fangled soda pop dispensers? Had the experience over the weekend. We were at a Good Scents sandwich shop and they had one of those new fangled Coca-Cola dispensers.

When I did the Google search, the machines had been around since 2009. I figured that this was only late 2011, I most likely wasn't the last person on the planet to use one of these things.

And according to the info on the various Googled info pages, the machines can dispense 126 carbonated and non-carbonated varieties. With that many choices, surely a person could find the something to drink.

There was a boat load of choices. Being predictable, I opted for the Diet Dr. Pepper. Now I could have regular diet, diet with cherry or diet with cherry AND vanilla. Opted to drink dangerously and go for the whole cherry vanilla bit.

After getting the ice, I pushed the push button and lo and behold - the dispenser dispensed away.

Now, there was another customer who made the clerk show explain to him about the machine. He showed him the little flavor containers that go into the machine. Having changed the soda fountain hooks up and carried that dad-blasted heavy canisters more than a time or two back in the day, I thought that was brilliant.

The draw back might be there was too many choices especially if you are the one behind someone who can't make up their mind as to which flavor or combination of flavors to use.

But I must admit, everyone of us getting beverages, was able to get exactly what we each wanted and in the combination we each wanted as well.

It was a pretty nifty contraption.

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