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Who Trained Who?

Posted Wednesday, August 10, 2011, at 8:40 AM

This past weekend, the kids were going to visit the son-in-law's family and with multiple people and limited space, we were called upon to entertain the grand-dog, Jasper.

Jasper has a lot of energy and is a strong dog. He has calmed down immensely from his hyperactive puppy stage. We did have to purchase some gates just to provide him boundaries when he comes to visit. That way I don't have to put everything away within his chew-on range.

We also have some dog toys. We had purchase a couple of chewy toys and these super-sized tennis balls.

Jasper hadn't been to visit for a bit since his people had traveled too much lately. However he knew right where those toys were. He plopped right down where they were stored and knew we would get them.

Now Jasper has this human figured out. I was sitting in the recliner watching TV. Jasper came and sat 'pretty' right in front of me. No big deal other than he was staring a hole right through me with those big dark eyes of his.

Now, I tried to ignore him because he had a treat and didn't need anymore. Ignoring worked about five minutes. He then started to grumble at me. He wasn't barking. He was just grumbling. He did that for a little bit. Then he started barking. It was more of the annoyed bark. Not his bark when he is protecting the house.

At this point, I figured this was the I-have-to-go-potty signal. I asked him if he needed 'outside'. He jiggled and barked and was very animated.

Okay, I got up and went to get my slip-on sandals. I headed for the back door and the leash. I turned around and that dang dog had gotten up in my chair! Seriously, was I just duped by the pooch? Yes I was.

Meanwhile, Hubby is busting a gut with laughter. Jasper had already snuggled down and laid his head on the arm of the chair. He looked at me with those dark pools for eyes asking 'what did I do?"

Who has who trained? Hmmm I wonder.

Yes, I did leave him there and he was snoring in less than five minutes. He was just like the rest of us. He just wanted to take a nap in favorite chair.

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