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Can't Run Any Races

Posted Sunday, June 26, 2011, at 9:57 AM

Here in the last few weeks, I have been dealing with a bum knee. Now, it is never a convenient time to have a knee decide to have act up. I don't want to be dealing with this right now. Seriously, I have places to go and people to see. (That is me doing wishful thinking.)

I had been gimping around and when I finally gave in and went to my health care provider, I could not pinpoint the exact moment of injury. I didn't have any 'cool' explanations as to why the dang gone thing was aching and being rather annoying at night especially when I wanted to get my beauty sleep.

After the initial x-ray and a prescription for pain, I was set up for an MRI because there is something going on. MRI's are handy dandy diagnostic tools. I had one a while back so I knew what to expect. While I was initially set up for the mobile machine, I ended up going to the City for an open MRI. This was due to the mobile unit only have a one-size knee thing-a-ma-jig and I have a plus size knee.

If you haven't had an MRI, it is a noisy machine. It makes a whole range of sound as the powerful magnetic make these cool pics of your insides.

The imaging center did provide head phones and the tech asked me what music I wanted to listen to. He also gave me a call button. The machine is noise enough that the music really didn't make too much of a difference for me. You can still hear the thump, thump, thump or the ping, ping, ping or the tic, tic, tic as the machine does it's thing. The hardest part was holding still and not moving the knee while they were taking pictures.

Now, I am just in the waiting mode. I have to wait for the radiologist to read the test, his/her office to get it to my provider's office and then having my provider get me the results.

The bad thing about waiting mode is it is very easy to get into the what if game. What if this and what if that. If (stress on if) I have to have anything surgically done, I will most likely be able to have it done locally so that is a bonus for scheduling.

But after verbalizing at length about the what if's, it hit me I was stressing about the possibility of having surgery. Because when I had my tonsils out, I woke up during the procedure. I was in fifth grade and they were still using ether back in the day. But I can remember it vividly. With that said, today, the anesthesiologists have much improved methods today. I know that in my head and I have experienced it as I had a colonoscopy recently. But I will admit, the old memory still adds to the anxiety of the what ifs.

I won't be running any races anytime soon, For the time being, I will continue to hobble and be grumpy until I find out what the next step will be. (Pun intended)

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