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Robo-Call and Pizza

Posted Monday, April 25, 2011, at 7:56 AM

What do these two things have in common? Apparently the only thing is they happened in my world.The robo-call came at 6:42 a.m. one morning last week and the pizza incident was last week as well.

The pizza incident really was first. Hubby wanted pizza. We have three places to choose from for pizza. Currently the favorite pizza is from Pizza Hut. Called in the order and was given the time to come pick up the pizza and breadsticks. That is the norm. However, when I went at the appointed time to pick up the order, I could tell there was a problem. The clerk that took my name went to where the pick up orders are kept. It wasn't there and another staff member found the order and apologized.

This place was slammed that night and I could tell when I called and the pick up time was over half an hour later. I asked when I should come back and was told another half an hour. I figured that was all right because there were just grown-ups at my house to feed. Waiting another half an hour wasn't going to be a problem. Plus they apologized.

When I came back, however, the one clerk on duty went and got her shift manager. She told him that he needed to make this right with me. He got on the phone to the manager because he needed to make certain it got into the computer correctly. Again, to me, not an issue. I have learned it is easier to do things right up front than trying to figure out the next day.

We got our pizza and the breadsticks were free. Again, the shift manager apologized. I did thank him for making this right because it was appropriate. I have worked on the other side of the counter as well in one of my past employment lives so I did understand what had happened.

The robo-call was from our cable company. They were changing the line-up the next day and wanted to make certain we knew that. We all get those annoying calls but what really griped me was it came at 6:42 in the morning. I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer the call because we do get misdialed calls, as do most people. The call went to voice mail and I proceeded to check the message.

However, this one was a burr in the backside. Being the age of technology, I got online and did the type-ity-type-ity-type-ity to the cable customer service line. I knew they were changing the line up but a robo-call at

6:42 in the a of m. Really?

I received an auto-email that said they had received the email. Another email stating they apologized for the inconvenience was received. The gist of which was if I didn't want to receive the calls then I had to reply to the email to 'opt out' of sales calls. Okay, it wasn't a sales call in my opinion. It was a robo-call at an unacceptable time of day promoting a management decision that affected my cable line-up that they had been promoting for the last umpteen weeks via the TV and mailed flyers.

I would have been much happier if they had just said they goofed and they will look into why the calls went out so early AND they would not let that happen again. Why do I have to 'opt' out of something that should not have happened at that time to begin with? Hmmmm

Maybe the difference was my interpretation of the apologies but one worked for me and one didn't.

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