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Posted Saturday, February 12, 2011, at 12:57 PM

Anticipation is the word for the day or since the first part of the month. Anyone who has read this blog knows we are anticipating the arrival of our first grandbaby. She should make her appearance sometime in the next couple of weeks. I have kidded her parents. If she is like her mother was 25 years ago, she will be comfortable and not in any hurry whatsoever to come into the world.

We opened the cedar chest and brought out the baby things a couple of weekends ago. My memories of how teeny the babies really were came flooding back. There were more than a few sighs and umms as the clothes were unfolded and given the once over. There were also those moments when I thought - why did I save that one?

How times have changed as we didn't know the sex of the babies until they made their appearance. The colors of the newborn outfits were yellows and greens. The blankets were multicolored. The undershirts were yellows and greens. Yes, they were undershirts not onesies.

The girls had shared a lot of baby things, so there were some decisions to be made. Some outfits will go to Jaime and some were placed back in the cedar chest to go to Kelsey some day. There were also the older toddler outfits that belonged to each of them. Some are now traveling to a new home and the others are back in the cedar chest.

I have one of my baby outfits. It is a set of red, silky jammies which was a gift from one on my dad's aunts. There is a shirt, pants and matching dressing gown. I have a picture somewhere of me and then each of the girls. Hopefully, we will get one more generation of pictures. Considering this little outfit is several decades old, it is in amazingly good shape. It is one that will be back in the cedar chest after the pictures however.

The other item that come out of the cedar chest is the first year baby calendar. I kept one for each of the girls. Highlighting those firsts that each baby has during that first year. Thought it would be fun for the new mom to see 'her' first year as she is going through the joys of her own daughter's first year. Again, the second one year calendar we have went back to the cedar chest to be shared in the future.

Right now, we are anticipating that one phone call that will put us into action. I have been a nervous Nellie since the first of the month. The gas tank in the van is kept above 's full. The driving directions are printed and in the purse. The suitcases are out and packed. The camera batter is charged.

I have put in for my PTO time at work with an opened ended start and finish date. Hubby has a week's worth of lesson plans in place. We have numbers in the cell phones to let our bosses know we are on our way to welcome the grandbaby. It has been so refreshing to have so much support at work for both of us to be able to get there to welcome the baby on her birthday. It is great to work for family oriented people.

For now, I am going back to anticipation mode. This is pretty darned tough at this point but I will try to muddle through. Anticipation is just making me wait. (Sorry couldn't think of anything more original than the song lyric.)

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