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Dana and SNL

Posted Sunday, February 6, 2011, at 5:22 PM

I was asked the other day what type of humor I enjoyed. I had to think about how to answer that question. It isn't one that I have been asked very much. I stated I enjoyed the Maxine cartoons because I enjoy the wit. I also enjoy a good pun or play on words. I have been known to enjoy the comedy of the Blue Collar guys as well.

This weekend was a flashback treat. SNL (Saturday Night Live) had former cast member Dana Carvey as it's host. I knew that I would never make it to watch it live. The DVR was set and I am glad I did.

Quite frankly, I haven't watched SNL live in years. Could even use the words decade in there as well. Noticed on Friday there was a promo for SNL touting the host. Saturday it came up again. I was quick to confiscate the remote. Click, click, click, record and I was set.

Sunday morning, got the coffee going, wrapped up in the big blanket, and clicked the DVR to the record list. It felt good to start the day with Dana and crew.

Dana Carvey has some memorable characters in the SNL sketches of the past and I was thankful that he has enough humor and good sense to know that his fans would appreciate a replay or two.

In the opening moments when Wayne and Garth came to party on, I knew it was going to be a good time. Then enter Jon Lovitz during the monologue when Dana was doing the singing acknowledgment of the "greatest" cast from 86 to 93. Again, it was good to laugh.

While there were some weak sketches and I was glad I could fast forward during the musical guests as they weren't my cup of tea, it was good to see the Church Lady again.

Party on Wayne and Garth. Church Lady, it was special. Thanks.

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